Five Indications You Need To Improve Emotional Intelligence On Your Team

Many successful teams with highly skilled manpower are not even aware of these traits because many times, we can be so consumed with one level of success that we are blinded to our areas of improvement blocking our climb toward a higher level of success. The inability to even identify the absence of the broad elements of emotional intelligence shows that such teams are not operating optimally.

Using EQ to Shape a More Successful Hiring Process

If an organization’s values, ethics and behaviors form the framework of workplace culture, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the glue that holds it all together. In the past few years, we have observed that both candidates and clients are placing a greater emphasis on emotional intelligence in the interview and selection process.

Why A Post-Covid World Demands Greater Emotional Intelligence

Even in the best of times, managing yourself and staying emotionally connected to your team can be a challenge.  As we layer on the new realities of the post-Covid-19 world, it’s gotten much tougher.  The stresses of working remotely, which adds new and confusing pressure and friction to our lives.

Understanding emotions is nearly as important as IQ for students’ academic success

The ability to understand emotions contributes almost as much to students’ grades as their IQ.

Past studies show two personal qualities are important for student academic success – intelligence and conscientiousness.