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Emo Intelligence Systems Corp. Presents a Digital Platform for Assessing Emotional Intelligence

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Feb. 12, 2022 – For centuries, researchers and philosophers have attempted to define human intelligence. At first, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests were used to measure a person’s intellectual ability, including using logic to solve problems, understand abstract ideas, and learn and adapt to change. However, IQ tests alone don’t necessarily account for the full range of thinking abilities. 

Emo Intelligence Systems Corp. Helps to Determine Employees’ Emotional Intelligence Level

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Aug. 12, 2022 – A company consists of people, and good people make good company, not vice versa. HR managers in small and medium enterprises face a problem in finding the right people as pre-screening, selection and interviewing are time-consuming and costly processes. Moreover, human resources professionals interact with various systems during the hiring process that are complex and confusing.